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Cultivating mind and body wisdom through an inter-disciplinary program, we host interactive and participatory workshops, talks and rituals. 

For a new generation of seekers


Engaging with ancient insights and new ideas


Rooting you into your body wisdom through yoga, Qi Gong, and other movement practices


Anchoring you in the present moment


Rejuvenating through various body-work therapies


This season a community of experts from various traditions and disciplines lead a daily program of talks, workshops and mind-body classes. Each of the facilitators was also available for private sessions.

Group classes and talks were free of charge for hotel guests and external guests welcome at a small fee. In case you have any questions concerning the past season's program, please reach out to [email protected].  

Qi Gong and Embodied Mindfulness

with Stephane Kamesh

Qi Gong is an ancient system of self-healing that has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the integration of internal and external movements, Qi Gong aims to build ‘internal power’. Allowing us to search our own depths through this ancient mind-body practice, Stephane guides us to establish a holistic sense of well-being.




Move, Make, & Meditate

with 3rd Ritual

3rd Ritual pairs ancient philosophies with modern techniques. Join 3rd Ritual founder Jenn Tardif for a moon ceremony, seasonal workshop, or morning practice, where she will share treasured rituals spanning aromatherapy, painting, journaling, yoga, meditation, and more. Participants will be empowered with practical tools for self-care through an exploration of essential oils, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and sacred geometry. No experience required.

Ancient Mystery Traditions

with Dawn Hoang

We will explore ancient tools and practices of the mystics, helping us to understand who we are, cultivate our innate powers and intuition, discover the deep mysteries of the universe, and tap into our own inner wisdom

Becoming the Hero

Storytelling and the creation of myth
with Mustashrik Mahbub

Looking at the traditions of mythology and storytelling across various cultures, with the guidance of Joseph Campbell’s seminal work ‘A Hero with a Thousand Faces’, we explore our own personal storytelling skills through drawing and creative writing.


Orgasmicness as Healing Modality

with Sasha Cobra

Through talks and experiential workshops, Sasha guides us to reconnect with our intrinsic nature by experiencing the natural flow of sexual energy. Utilizing our orgasmic potential and orgasmic response, we are able to generate potent healing energy, reminding us that being human is an orgasmic, loving, joyous, compassionate experience to be had and shared with ourselves and the world.

My Favorite Unrealized Project

with Hugo Hoppmann

Hugo leads us in exploring how the cultivation of positive habits, strategies, rituals, and small lifestyle adaptations can help us find time for our heart-desired projects on a daily basis. We will then discuss how to integrate these practices into our lives for long-term self-actualization.

Elemental Embodiment & Esalen Bodywork

with Mac Murphy

The elements of earth, water, fire, and air are of the many gifts that are given by the natural world. Ever since our most ancient ancestors, shamans have used the art of shape-shifting to gain the power of the elements and our animal relatives to deepen our human potential. Through the weaving of these ancient practices, we have the opportunity to continue our evolution in deeper communion with the natural world.

Plant Medicine and Authentic Movement

with Miranda Dalton

Using plant medicine and movement to reconnect people back into a healthy experience of being human, Miranda seeks to bring her clients back to their intuition. Combining the vibrational healing properties of flower essences with functional movement re-patterning, we will explore our true self through ancient and creative movement, as well as breath and visualization techniques.

Tarot Readings

with Alisa Portuondo

A yoga and meditation teacher, artist, and cultural scientist, Alisa aims to transfer academic and spiritual knowledge into ritualistic realms that invite people of all backgrounds to experience the connection between art, science, and consciousness. Alisa will provide Tarot readings, which were her initial medium into self-discovering spirituality in early childhood. Tarot is used as a mirror, creating insights into the hidden aspects that lie within life’s obstacles and opportunities. Each session ends with a personalized ritual through which one can manifest the insights from the Tarot into a meaningful daily practice.

The Post-Chemical Society & Conscious Entrepreneurship

with Christine Pausewang & Christian Balivet

Seeking a balanced and natural lifestyle, we will explore how mixing minerals and high-quality superfoods can open up a world of endless possibilities for a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Drawing upon his experience in purpose-driven and conscious entrepreneurship, Chris will also teach us about the philosophy of disruption and how to turn ideas into powerful projects that can disrupt our universe.   

Sacred Sound

with Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

For thousands of years, human beings have been drawn to the power of sound. Both from Western and non-Western traditions, cultures across the world have been using endless varieties of instruments and songs to alter consciousness, experience threshold states of ecstasy and union, increase self-awareness, and receive therapeutic advantages.

Human Design

with Dirk Nellens

Human Design is like musical notation: it registers frequencies. What is our individual tune and what is our melody? Like an instruction manual for our energy mechanisms, Human Design addresses questions about our uniqueness as well as our relationships to the world around us, offering valuable tools for authentic decision making.


Holistic Body Workout

with Marie-Sophie Kiepe

Fascinated by the non-verbal art of healing, Marie-Sophie will guide us through rhythmic and flowing movement methods that exercise the mind and body. This embodied mindfulness practice integrates diverse techniques of meditation, Tibetan Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance, creating core strength, flexibility, and increased well-being.

Embodying Peace - The Power of Mindfulness

with Malou Kalita

Mindfulness is a process of aligning your attention to experiences taking place in the present moment. It is the capacity to experience what is happening right here and now, and to align mind and body. Malou will introduce us to the practise of mindfulness and show us how we can integrate this powerful art into our everyday lives to build more resilience and flexibility in order to reduce stress, and to manage our emotional and physical well-being more effectively.

Body Engineering

with Ferran Moreno

Every individual is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality they desire. A Rolfing® Structural Integration therapist, Ferran combines his vast knowledge about the human body and movement, approaching each person according to their specific needs, and supports them as they move towards natural balance and vital energy.

Wake-up Fitness

with Panos Pantios

Finding ways to increase physical strength and performance, Panos guides us through powerful fitness sequences. A certified personal and sports performance trainer, Panos has collaborated with dozens of gyms throughout Greece. Concentrating on strength building and conditioning, he offers educational services that are strategically designed to give you the equipment and skills you need to achieve personal goals and to create a healthy lifestyle.